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This Paris Service Will Send A Grandma To Your Home To Cook For You!


We all have a soft spot for our mother’s cooking. But, when grandma is over, her meals take center table; they’re rustic, seasoned with years of experience and all round delicious. However, most of us only see our grandparents once a year meaning that we get to taste their food too few times.

Enter Lou Pape, a French website that will send over a senior citizen to your house who has years of culinary experience and knowledge. They’ll prepare a delicious, rustic meal, serve it and then do the dishes just like any benevolent grandma may do.

Behind The Scenes

The service was started by Alize Delbes, who moved to the busy hub of Paris and found herself longing for her grandmother’s cooking. The website is currently offering the service of four chefs, Catherine, Jean-Jaques, Beatrice and Jean-Jack. Each chef is introduced with a brief biography, a menu with the dishes they offer, the cost per person and the zones that they work in.


For instance, Chef Beatrice charges thirty five euros per person for a meal which includes chocolate fondant and tomato infused cod.


More Than Just The Cook

However, for these chefs the venture is about more than just cooking anonymously in a stranger’s kitchen. It’s a worthwhile, lucrative avenue for retirees and allows them to make meaningful connections.


In an interview with Munchies, Beatrice recalls joining culinary classes to enhance her knowledge. She then cooked for her daughters and friends, imparting her skills whenever she could. Even as she is cooking in a customer’s kitchen, she conducts impromptu cooking classes, teaching them how to make the same dishes she is serving. She even left one of her customers (of Munchies) with a folder containing her recipes.

This clearly shows us that the venture is more than a profit generator. It’s an act of love and passion for cooking; similar to what we’d find in our grandmothers.