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This Is Tragic: Empathise With This Dog As he Gets His Favourite Food Snatched Away From Him


We’ve all been there. Someone (who we stupidly told about our obsession about food), has described the perfect burger, with a fat, juicy patty with caramelised onions and rashers of bacon only to gleefully admit that they’ve eaten it, leaving none for us. Or, they’ve rhapsodised about a large slice of moist, chocolate cake only to tell us that they’ve given it to the next door neighbour. 


If these situations of food envy sound familiar to you then you’ll empathize with this dog who is first told about maple bacon, a juicy steak and then chicken covered with cheese. Just as the dog begins to get excited the owner snatches away the dog’s happiness and the dog’s reactions are priceless. It’s hilarious, but also heart-breaking if you understand the true heartache of having good food taken away from you.