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The Truth about Trans fat : You can’t handle it.


“0 g Transfat” reads the label. So that’s healthy right?

Trans fat is mostly not natural fat, it’s man made. To use technical lingo, it’s unsaturated fat that is naturally uncommon but created artificially. So who’s going around creating these? Most fast-food joints, junk food manufacturers and anything that uses “partially hydrogenated oils”. Why is someone throwing their fat around? [pullquote]Trans fat is unsaturated fat that is artificially made.[/pullquote] Trans fat increases shelf life, flavour and taste- apart from throwing out good cholesterol,  increasing bad cholesterol and causing heart disease. (Applause, please). 


So yes, you should avoid Trans fat at all costs. Food Development authorities all over the world have made sure most food manufacturers have either reduced or completely done away with trans fat. But that doesn’t mean your local chips supplier is looking out to cut trans fat. 


Neat tip, even if the label says “0g trans fat” look out for “partially hydrogenated oils”, and if you do spot this, drop it and walk away; your heart will thank you.