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Try Innovative Stuffed Parathas At This SoBo Eatery


There’s nothing like a piping hot stuffed paratha on a winter morning with a dollop of extra butter. But if you’re bored of the same old potato and cauliflower stuffing then head to Paratha Mantra, a restaurant at the Fort area of Mumbai that serves innovative stuffed parathas.

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Paratha Mantra serves specialty parathas along with the regulars like aloo, gobhi, mooli, paneer and so on. Their specialty menu however does not hold back on variety and innovation as their signature dish is a pizza paratha. No, kidding! They even have a pasta paratha along with deadly combinations like jalapeno cheese, olive cheese, chilly cheese garlic and lots more.

In their paneer variants, Paratha Mantra serves paneer tikka, schezwan, paneer shawarma to a name a few of the stuffings. Amongst their vegetable paratha category the most unique we found was the Manchurian paratha along with mirchi wada paratha, aloo bhujiya paratha and kungpao paratha. They’ve not only touched Italy and China but Mumbai too with their pav bhaji and vada pav parathas.

Now that you know the amazing variety of parathas that probably you won’t even find in the famous Parathe Wali Galli in Delhi, Paratha Mantra does have a unique menu.

Location: 82, Tamarind Lane, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai

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