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A Video on how to make the ultimate Homemade Brownies


Who doesn’t love brownies? Everyone loves some form of a brownie or another. Some say fluffy cakey brownies are the way to go while others prefer the denser, fudgier version of this all-American dessert.

Which brings us the question: which one do you prefer? We, at HungryForever, must confess we have a soft spot for fudgy brownies but we love them all – cakey, chewy, burnt or not. With all this brownie talk you’ve probably got a major craving right about now. But do you have the perfect brownie recipe?

brownies for office

Meet chef Thomas Joseph from Kitchen Conundrums who will give you an in-depth lesson on how to make the ultimate homemade brownies. In this video he breaks down the science of brownies and demonstrates the difference between fudgy and cakey brownies

If you are a devoted chocolate lover keen on learning how to make the perfect homemade brownies this five-minute video will probably change your life