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Viking Ventures Brings The Much Loved King’s Beer To Mumbai!


There’s nothing like a cold beer while taking in the sun on a Goa beach. It’s so tempting, in fact, that many Mumbaikars pack their bags each weekend and head to Goa. If that’s not an option for you (work, demanding family, pets that are afraid to be alone), then we have good news; you can get a heady bottle full of Goan beer right here in Mumbai!
Viking Ventures recently acquired King’s Beer from Impala Distillery and rebranded it as Goa Kings. The beers, which were previously only available in Goa are now on shelves in Mumbai. Viking Ventures plans to take the beers across India and possibly abroad in the future.

Goa King’s Beer is unique in the fact that it is brewed using Goan water, which lends it an especially refreshing and delicious quality. “The unique taste comes from the waters of Goa used in production, making it the preferred choice for the beer-drinking population. People from around the world have had it in ‪‎Goa and are eagerly awaiting its global availability. The product has immense potential, even overseas,” says Sachiin Joshi, the Chairman of Viking Ventures, on the Kings website.
Currently, Goa King’s is available in 325 ml pints and will soon be available in 500 as well as 650 ml cans. So, what say; are you ready for a pint of Goan beer while sitting in your own home? Head to their website or Facebook page for more details!