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Watching Fritz The Dog Trying To Catch Food Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See This Week 


Have you met Fritz the golden retriever? He became an internet phenomenon for his skill or rather, lack of skill at catching food. Yes, we can hear those thoughts racing through your head. How can a couple of videos of a dog failing at catching food be fun to watch? Here’s how: 

Fritz and the Donut 

The sun is shining brightly, and the donut is dripping with pink glaze and white chocolate sprinkles. It’s impossible to miss this catch. 

Fritz and the Steak

Anyone who has a dog will easily be able to picture him or her drooling over a large chunk of steak. Shouldn’t he be motivated enough to catch it?

Fritz and the Chimichanga

His owner claims that Fritz has a long standing affinity for the Chicano culture. Considering that, we hope this chimichanga will be the way he finally finds success. 

Fritz and the Easter Egg 

Fritz masquerades as an Easter Bunny to try to entice the Easter egg towards his mouth. 

Fritz on HLN

After being propelled to the heights of doggie fame, Fritz scored himself a segment on HLN, an American cable channel. Does the fact that half of America is watching affect his performance? Not at all – spoiler alert – he fails once again.

While watching these videos, we’ll bet you began gushing with the adorableness of it all. But, we’ll also bet you began questioning the justice of gravity; why must he fail to catch each titbit each and every time? Check out the video below – it may help reinstate your faith. 

Fritz and the Cheesy Bites

Fritz discovers that Pizza Hut is now selling perfect, bite sized balls of pizza crusts. He’s a dog on a mission. 

As gratifying as that video was, some dog lovers in the know may be a little worried about Frtiz’s diet. Human food is generally not one of the best things you can be feeding your dog (here’s a list of foods that you should never ever be giving your dog). However, in a statement to Huffington Post, Fritz’s owner Evan Ball said “”I actually intercept most of the food and give him just a little for his efforts. Plus, he only gets a food tossed to him about once a week. The rest of the time he eats healthy dog food and gets regular exercise. He’s actually quite a specimen.”

We agree. And, Ball added “While we all intently anticipate the day when Fritz masters the skill of catching food in his mouth, we also patiently embrace the journey.” 

In a tribute to Fritz, Buzzfeed created a video of humans trying to catch food. Of course, they look nowhere near as cute as Fritz did. And, somehow, while the slow motion enhanced the importance of Fritz’s tasks, here it makes the humans look a little…strange. Do you agree?

We’re sure after watching that, you’ll have to refresh your brain by watching a couple more of the Fritz ones. Keep it coming, Fritz!