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Wearable Tomato Feeder Feeds Tomatoes to Marathon Runners in Japan


Last month the Wearable Tomato Project was revealed at the Tokyo Marathon Expo 2015. The Wearable Tomato Project created by Japanese Tomato giant Kagome is absolutely off the wall. The robot feeds tomatoes to marathon runners. Why tomatoes? Kagome claims that tomatoes help runners’ combat fatigue because of their nutrition content.

The inspiration for this robot came from the fact that runners eat bananas as a quick fix snack while running. The humanoid looking robot weighs nothing less than 18 pounds. The runner has to press a button on the device which then places a tomato in to the runner’s mouth. So if you don’t mind running with a weight on your shoulders the robot might just be your nutrition buddy in the race. Watch the video which is equally wacky.