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What Is Your Food’s Clear Score?


When you pick up a food item at the supermarket your only reliable source to check on the food’s nutritional value is the label on it. But how trustworthy is that mere piece of paper peppered with numbers and names? Maybe a lot, maybe not at all. Now, we’re not saying that you can’t trust the label at all. But what if there were another means of judging the healthy quotient of the product? Just a simple number that gave you a score out of 100. Because not everyone knows the difference between gluttony and glucose.


Is what you see what you get?

Clear Food has come up with the world’s first molecular food guide that helps you judge your food better. From being picked at the farm to being stacked at the aisles, the foods go through a lot of processes. The labels try their best to tell you the story in a nutshell but what you see isn’t always necessarily what you get.

Hey, we aren’t blaming food companies because we understand (somewhat) that the space on the ‘Nutrition Facts’ sticker is limited and not enough to cram in all the details.6a00e5509ea6a18834017c37545df6970b-800wi


Enter Clear Score

Clear Score analyses the food at the molecular level, keeping in mind all the processes the food goes through from the farms to your plate. The process scrutinizes each and every inch of the eatable, the added ingredients, stuff that was removed and of course, the nutritional value.2620f238ece1a0d11a8b00387f585b7e_original

The labs make a nutrition label of their own based on the close analysis and then compare it with the label provided by the makers on the product. The clear score is a score given to the product based on comparison – or similarity – between the two labels. Higher the similarity, higher the score. And the higher the Clear Score, the more you can rely on the facts on the product.dea5ca21d11764bd7e09538ede944a8c_original


Clear Score is still a vision. Clear Foods have suggested the method as a better way of telling consumers what’s being served at their table. To make this idea a reality, visit their page on Kickstarter and back the project.

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