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What’s Your Favourite Kind Of Khichdi? #POLL


Khichdi is a traditional Indian recipe that is made by pressure-cooking rice and dal (lentil) together with mild spices. The dish sees many variations across different Indian regions, with the most commonly eaten being the classic moong dal khichdi. A comfort food of sorts, the preparation could easily be tagged as a favorite desi comfort food (after dal chawal, of course).

Apart from regional variations like sabudana khichdi, which is Marathi specialty, or bajre ki khichdi, a Rajasthani recipe, khichdi can be made using a variety of different ingredients as well. For instance, to step it up on the health scale, oats khichdi is a great recipe; or for turning the heat up a little, the masala khichdi is also an excellent dish. And the list of adaptations and variants goes on. We’ve enlisted some of the most popular types of khichdi below, vote for your favorite and let us know which one you like the best!

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