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White, Milk Or Dark: Pick Your Chocolate Type! #POLL


We know, we know, we’ve already done an extensive chocolate poll featuring all the major types of chocolates like fudge, wafer, caramel, and the likes. But we’d like to back to the basics for a bit and ask you this: out of white, milk, and dark, what kind of chocolate do you binge on? Vote below and let us know!

But first! Allow us to walk you down coco lane. After all, you should know your calories! So, apart from the obvious visual difference, what makes the three basic kinds of chocolate different from each other? It’s in the way they are made. Milk and dark chocolates are made from various proportions of the non-fat part of the cocoa bean, whereas white chocolate contains no cocoa solids. Instead, it is produced using the cocoa butter – an edible vegetable fat that has a cocoa aroma and flavour – along with milk, sugar, and sometimes vanilla. So technically, white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. And now, there is a fourth kind of chocolate called the ruby chocolate (yes, it’s pink), but unfortunately, it is not yet available for consumption to us mere mortals.

Secondly, the three differ widely in taste as well. White chocolate would fall into the sweeter category with milk and dark chocolates moving a little towards the bitter side, depending on their cocoa content. Ever notice how bitter chocolate is almost always dark? Well, now you know why! So, now that you know the basic stuff about the three chocolate siblings, go ahead and vote!

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