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Zomato Gives Buffer Time For New Restaurants To Overcome Teething Issues


A bad reputation through Zomato reviews can be devastating for newly launched restaurants as they are still trying to find their feet and struggling with initial issues. Learning this, Zomato has decided to give new restaurants a big relief on their ratings. They are planning to give the newbies a ‘beta period’ of 60 days before their overall rating begin to show.

So even though a restaurant is getting bad reviews due to initial stuff-ups, they’re still safe from being completely ignored by customers on seeing a bad rating. The reviews however can still be seen. “During this phase, these restaurants will get a ‘New’ tag on Zomato to help users identify them (this will be in place of the rating tag shown against a restaurant name on Zomato),” said Deepinder Goyal in his Zomato blogpost. This however, does not apply to eateries with more than two outlets.

The initial reviews which come in during the first sixty days will not be a complete measure of overall rating forever. “This way, restaurants will get direct, valuable feedback from their customers to fix any problems that may crop up during the very early days, without worrying about the existential concern of a low restaurant rating,” Goyal added.

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