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10 Amazing things your Food Processor can do that you didn’t know about


The Food processor is one of the most magical things you can own. It shortens cooking time, prepping time and every other kind of time when it comes to cooking. All those repetitive, menial tasks the Food processor just takes over and abracadabra- it’s done.

Here are some amazing things that the Food Processor can do.

1. Grate a whole bunch of carrots in minutes 

Grate carrots without losing the tips of your fingernails.

  to make carrot cake roll that looks like this 

Featured image carrot cake roll easter

2. Grind bland chickpeas to make hummus 

Turn a sad can of chickpeas...

3. Homemade pie crust 


4. Old Bread is never a problem with a food processor 

5. With a food processor, you have perfect pesto 

6. Pasta Dough Mess? Pfft, what’s that? 


7. Magically transform a bag of almonds into creamy almond butter 

8. Thinly slice loads of potatoes to make your favourite potato chips!

Equally important, you can thinly slice lots of potatoes...

...then fry them up to become lots of potato CHIPS.

9. No more store mayonaise if you have a food processor. 

Whip up delicious mayonnaise that's way better than the store-bought kind...

10. You can now make your own cookie crumble in a matter of seconds 


to make a foundation for a beautiful pie