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10 awesome messages foodies can put on their hoodies


1. I like you better than pasta.

Just kidding.



2. Will you be the fries to my burger?

burger and fries

3. The most I’ve ever thought of my future was while waiting for the waiter to bring my food.

thinking of food in a restaurant

4. I’m happy in life because I listen to my stomach, not my brain.

stomach needs food

5. I have a problem with the way you judge me while I eat your food.

eating someone else's food

6. There’s more food inside of me than what my kitchen can hold.

Fat guy's advice

7. Do I want fries with my fries? Duh.

fires with fries

8. I fast every night from dinner to breakfast.

thinking of food

9. I’m a paradox. The more I eat, the more hungry I become. The hungrier I become, the more I eat.

food paradox

10. Life is always asking the same question; what’s for lunch?

pasta lunch box