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10 Everyday Objects Represented in Food That Will Make You Stop And Look Twice


Only the true foodie will see food in everyday objects like a globe, a pair of shoes or a couple of candles. That foodie is Martin Roller, who has recreated everyday objects using food. Now, the rest of us are left to wonder whether we’re true foodies, or whether we simply looking at one of Martin Roller’s creations. What do you think? 

1) Globe of Food


This brings a whole new meaning to food around the globe

2) A Maze of Toast


This toast a-mazes us. Literally. 

3) A birthday cake or a tyre? 


Either the birthday boy or girl out there is very very lucky or about to be very very mad. 

4) Carrot Candles


What happens when you light a candle on fire? With this piece of art you may find out. 

5) Banana Shoes


The perfect touch to a clown’s ensemble.

6) Spaghetti Gun 


This won’t hurt anyone, but it sure will taste nice. 

7) Jerkin Batteries


Will charging them make them any tangier? We dare you to find out! 

8) Apple Burger


This might just be our favourite new food hybrid. We’ll call it the Bapple. Or the Apprger? Never mind. 

9) Cup of capsicum 


No, not a cup of capsicum juice. That would be gross. 

10) Chocolate Spray can


This is bound to make gardening more fun. And, its got sprinkles