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10 Food that your teachers would want you to eat


1. Oatmeal

TV advertisements show a heart-warming picture of a kid asking his mother to serve him oatmeal for breakfast. Technically, the only reason that kid is willing to swallow his oats is because he is getting paid for it. The fiber-rich whole grains is extremely essential as it helps in increasing your concentration.


2. Berries, melons, oranges and apples

An apple a day assures you that you won’t fall sick and hence, can’t miss school. Berries and melons are particularly nutritious as they provide vital minerals, vitamins and fibers.

berries and melons

3. Nuts

Let me guess, the only time you’ve given nuts any serious thought is when they are wedged in chocolates or hidden in ice creams. Almonds, walnuts and cashews, to name a few, are high in protein and have no cholesterol. You need this for your growth and development.

cashews and almonds

4. Milk and Yogurt

Some kids are genuinely lactose intolerant, the rest of you are just pretending so that you can skip your daily glass of milk. Protein and calcium are vital to keep the bones strong and rigid. You don’t want to be the shortest in your class, do you?


5. Blueberries

‘I want all of you to get 100%. It is possible.’ This is a line that teachers never fail to use when they want to encourage all of their students to secure top marks. Maybe blueberries can help with that. They’re packed with antioxidants and help improve brain function.


6. Tofu

Tofu embodies the richness of soy and is an excellent source of lean protein. Though fried tofu dunked in sweet and sour sauce is commonly consumed, eating it boiled is the healthiest.


7. Black beans

The miracle of beans isn’t too far from the ‘magic beans’ from the fairy-tale. Beans are a reservoir of protein, fiber and calcium, and they will fight for you against rising cholesterol levels. Darker the colour of the bean, the better.

black beans

8. Salmon

Here comes another 3 page essay on why omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for health. Salmon does wonders to help boost your brain development and fend off depression.


9. Eggs

You don’t get energy by staring at the computer for long hours, you get it from food rich in proteins. Packed with essential proteins and vitamins, an egg is perfect for that task.


10. Cabbage, broccoli and kale

‘Ew EW EW’. That’s the general verdict you give when someone merely mentions their names, let alone actually finding it on your plate. But they’re your body’s weapons against invading infections and your best shot at securing that 100% attendance record.