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12 Hearty Sunday Recipes For That Long, Lazy Family Meal


Sunday is a family day – there’s no two ways about it. And, what better way to bond than to have a long, lazy conversation over a heart Sunday lunch or dinner? So, this Sunday, head to the farmer’s market and whip up one of these recipes and enjoy some good old family time. 

1) American Fried Chicken Recipe 


Nobody does fried chicken quite like the Americans. And, considering it’s the Fourth of July weekend, this is the perfect recipe to celebrate! 

2) Paneer Biryani Recipe 


We have a biryani tradition in our family; every Sunday lunch must involve a bowl of delicious, fragrant biryani. This biryani recipe is as good as any! 

3) Hamburger Recipe


Burgers are one of the world’s favourite comfort foods. We’re sure they’re pretty popular in your family too. 

4) Rustic Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe


Treat your family to a taste of a Tuscan vacation with this healthy recipe

5) Chicken With Spicy Pineapple Mango Salsa Recipe


A delicious grilled chicken dish with a perfectly spiced salsa to go with it! 

6) Honey Glazed Lamb Recipe


Nothing says ‘hearty’ more than a log of grilled red meat. The honey glaze makes it that much better! 

7) Chicken Lasagna in White Sauce Recipe 


This indulgent white sauce is going to make you need forty winks after lunch. But hey, it is a Sunday!

8) Creamy Turkey Sausage Pasta Recipe


Cream, pasta and sausages – it does not get better than this! 

9) Guinness and Honey Glazed Pork Loin Recipe


Wait, we’re sorry. It doesn’t get any better than this.  

10) Chicken Ranch Pizza Recipe


Like hamburgers, pizzas are a universal favourite. Is your family any different? 

11) Healthy Tamale Pizza Recipe


Want to go a little healthier? Try this pizza recipe. 

12) Easy Shrimp Jambalaya Recipe


Dance with this recipe all the way down to the bayou. Or just to bed, we don’t judge.