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19 Amazing Pickle Recipes That You Can Make To Celebrate Achaar Day


In its second year Aam Achaar Day has been extended to Achaar Day and we’re totally psyched. We’ve collated some of the most exotic and amazing pickle recipes for you to celebrate the occasion. Take you pick and make some achaar and if you do, don’t forget to share it on social media with the hashtag #AamAchaarDay and #AchaarDay.

Aam aur Chane ka Achaar Recipe

The versatility in cuisine is amazing and one such example is this delicious achaar!

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Andhra Chicken Pickle Recipe

Chicken pickles and even seafood pickles are really popular in India and we’re sure you’ll love this one!

Brinjal Pickle Recipe

Yes, you can actually make a pickle using brinjal and it’s too good!

Cauliflower Pickle Recipe

Try eating this with a plain paratha, om nom nom!

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Carrot Pickle Recipe

My first acquaintance with carrot pickle was at the popular restaurant Cream Center in Mumbai and since then there has been no looking back.

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Chicken Pickle Recipe

Do try this exotic and easy-to-make chicken pickle!

Cucumber And Carrot Pickle Recipe

The pungency of mustard makes this pickle what it is, simply delish!

Drumstick Pickle Recipe

Drumsticks are not only healthy but add flavour to curries and gravies. Making an achaar out of it is a whole other ball game.

Fish Pickle Recipe

Seafood lovers, you’re going to love this one!

Gajar Gobhi Aur Aam ka Achaar Recipe

Can’t wait days for the pickle to get ready? Try this spicy one that gets ready in a jiffy and can be eaten as soon as its ready.

Gongura Pickle Recipe

Made from sorrel or gongura leaves, this pickle is a popular one from Andhra.

Green Chilli Pickle Recipe

A classic!

Mango Pickle Recipe

Because what’s Aam Achaar Day without mango pickle, right?

Mushroom Pickle Recipe

This tastes heavenly, trust us!

Mutton Pickle Recipe

Mop up some khichdi with this super delicious mutton pickle and papad!

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Narthangai Pickle Recipe

With plenty of medicinal values, Narthangai is a pickle one should eat a little each day!

Onion Pickle Recipe

Yep, you read that right!

Prawn Pickle Recipe

Yet another spectacular pickle made using seafood!

Vegetable Pickle Recipe

Crispy vegetable pickles that can be enjoyed with any meal!


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