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25 Sweet & Savory Treats To Jazz Up Your Diwali


The markets are flooded with a plethora of gorgeous festive hampers loaded with innumerable delicious treats. And while these hampers are as festive and easy to gift as they could be, they certainly do not match up to the festive cheer brought in by a bowl of homemade kheer or a batch of freshly prepared ladoos! Here are some sweet and savoury recipes you can easily whip up this Diwali.



No Indian festival is complete without some rich and indulgent mithai.

  1. Ladoo

So many ladoos, such a small tummy.Find Delicious Traditional Sweets At These 7 Sweet Shops in Chennai Photo 1


  1. Gulab Jamun

Stuff your face with this delicious treacle doused ball of yummy.


  1. Gujiya

The festive staple.gujiyas


  1. Malpua

No one can eat just one!chennamalpua3551


  1. Rabri

BRB, gotta hoard up all the milk in town!


  1. Patishapta

The Indian cousin of the crepe. Only yummier.featured-image-patishapta


  1. Halwa

Can we get a spare appetite, please?shakarkand-ka-halwa


  1. Imarti

Drowned in rich rabri or not, this is one sinfully amazing mithai!


  1. Kheer

Kheer today, there fat tomorrow.kheer-recipe-featured


  1. Goan Nevrifeatured-image-goan-nevri


  1. Panjiri

Rich, healthy, and sumptuous. The complete Punjabi package!Panjiri-Recipe


  1. Ras Malai

Slurp, slurp, and slurp!rasmalai


  1. Payasam

It doesn’t get yummier than a well-made dry fruit rich payasam!payasam


  1. Kaju Barfi

Basic yet brilliant, the kaju barfi is easy to make, loved by all, and gobbled up in minutes!

Go cashew nuts for barfi!

Go cashew nuts for barfi!


  1. Shrikhand

A gorgeous bowl of shrikhand can trump even the fanciest of puddings and pies.shrikhand331



Balance out the sugar rush with these delicious savoury snacks.

  1. Sev

Delicious in all forms – aloo bhujia, bataka sev, and karasev!


  1. Namak Pare

Snack, munch, repeat.


  1. Gathiya

Fry up a batch of these to pep up all the festive cheer.


  1. Murukku

More crunch and munch!Diwalli Thenkuzhal Murukku Recipes


  1. Pakora

Huddle up with all the festive warmth and joy with a cup of tea and piping hot pakoras.


  1. Samosa

Hot sams, anyone?shubh-sweets-samosa-bangalore


  1. Dhokla

The sizzle of the tadka trumps any and every firecracker in the sky.Khaman-Dhokla-Recipe


  1. Khandvi

Rolled up savoury delights.khandvi-recipe


  1. Kachori



  1. Dahi Vada

Vada player!dahi vada


Don’t forget to stock up on some antacid y’all! Happy Diwali!

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