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5 Amazing Foods You Can Create With A 3D Food Printer


Are you crazy about Sci-fi movies? Even if you are not you are probably aware of how food just appears out of a pill or a folded paper. That really makes your brain wonder how far technology can go with food. We already have GMO crops. Those who don’t know what that is, GMO (Genetically Modified) crops are supposed to be better than your naturally reproduced seeds that are grown and harvested as per seasons. Of course the debate about whether they really are nutritious or harmful has been going on for a long time now. But have you wondered what food technology will really be like in a couple of decades or more? You must know that 3D food printing is not a dream any longer. No, you can’t just go and buy yourself a 3D printer! Not yet anyway. But here are some pretty amazing foods that the 3D printer can create.

1. Chocolate


Really intricate designs of chocolate, such as a chocolate snowflake! Chocolate that looks fancy! Eat it or use it to decorate your desserts! Just plain genius!

2. Pizza


You still have to bake it in an oven but it’s still so cool! We are going towards ‘I printed a pizza’ from ‘I made a pizza from scratch’.

3. Toppers for Wedding Cakes


Custom design your wedding cake toppers with a 3D food printer! Your cake can match the intricate design of your veil or a mini bride and groom with their actual faces instead of plastic dots and lines.

4. Easy to swallow foods that look better than a blob of mush


This is a super awesome idea. When old people, in old age homes, have to eat the soft foods their plates often look like it has a big dollop of ‘healthy’ mush. Using a 3D printer to create form holding soft foods can help raise the appeal and intake of food.

5. Sustainable foods


Let’s face it food sustenance is an issue that we are very likely to face in the future. Why? Well, have you heard of foods being harmful for consumption because of the pesticide residue content? Or the GMO crops that are frequently making headlines because of the problems that are caused from growing them. So if a 3D printer is making food from natural ingredients and growing on its own, we can take our time to see if it really is making a better impact or not, right?