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5 Food Games To Eat Your Way To Victory


It’s always fun to sit back and indulge in a game or two with your crazies. The laughter, giggles, madcap fun and togetherness are what the holiday spirit is all about, isn’t it? How about adding some food to this spirit? Here are six games that’ll help you do just that.


  1. Eggs & Bacon

For this “breakfast” game you need two kinds of snacks, one will be bacon and one will be egg. You could take Maltesers, Gems or Skittles as eggs and crisps or biscuits as bacon.

Appoint a timekeeper, who must call out “Eggs and bacon” every 15 seconds. Each time the timekeeper calls out, the players must eat a chocolate egg and a crisp. The winner is the last person still eating and not missing the call.eggs_and_bacon-630x310


  1. Diaper Challenge

Give everyone a paper and pen. Then, with no one watching, crush and microwave different candy bars and place in a diaper/nappy.

Pass the diapers around and ask your guests to write down what they think the content of each diaper is. The player with the most correct guesses wins.cloth-diapers-better-1


  1. Spin Tasty

Remember spin-a-bottle? This game is an edible version of the same. Place 7-8 plates in a circle with some edible items on each. Let 2 plates have something pleasant and the rest put out some challenging things like mustard, vinegar or chili paste.

Put a bottle in the middle and take turns to spin the bottle and whatever the bottle points towards, the player has to eat.spin-ani


  1. Egg Roulette

Get one egg per player and hard-boil 5 out of 6 of them. Put all the eggs in a bowl, including the single egg you did not hard boil.

Everyone picks an egg and feels it around in their palms. They then have the choice of ‘switching eggs’ with someone else. Finally everyone smashes the egg against their forehead – with the inevitable laughter as one person gets a surprise!article-0-0f826c4900000578-611_468x566


  1. Blind Fooled

Gather together a blindfold and an assortment of edible things. The game conductor divides all the players into two teams of 4-6 people.

Blind fold one person from each team and let them smell and touch the food while their team shouts out clues for them. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins.Featured image food games

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