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Foodies Will Completely Empathise With These Passive-Aggressive Notes About Food


We’ve all heard the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword. It seems to have sunk in to the world’s subconscious; people all over the world are choosing to voice their grievances through politely worded notes that they leave for their enemies. In fact, there’s a whole website,, that is dedicated to sharing these notes with all of the world’s internet users. We’ve waded through the angry yet hilarious notes to bring you passive aggressive food related notes that’ll have you rolling on the floor.


The hosts of this wedding wanted to make the buffet style of the food being served very clear. Considering that many people go for a wedding just to eat, it was probably a wise move on their part. Of course, we don’t know how well we would be wishing the bride and groom after this.


This store resorted to this funny sign when it had an unsold banana. Doesn’t it make your heart weep for the banana?


This was displayed on top of a carton of eggs at a supermarket in Maryland. But eggs are healthy…right?


Sometimes we visit posh stores just for the free candy. Even though this sign would make us laugh, I don’t think it would go very far in deterring us from our quest for free candy.


This café’s sign is a refreshing change from the regular no smoking boards. Smokers may be offended, though.


A mother was handed this note after school by her seven year old daughter. The mother’s defence? ““For the record. The bread was fresh, just multigrain instead of whole wheat. The cheese was simply a different brand of Swiss cheese. Both were bought the day before.”


Ahh, this is our pet peeve. You do not steal other people’s food. You simply do not