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5 Sexy Food Gifts to gift your loved one this Valentine’s Day


“Your slacker boyfriend gives you a cupcake; your lover gives you macarons,” quips the New York Times in their recent article about the seductiveness of macarons. This fluffy pastry has been taken the world by storm the past year.

Are you behind on your Valentine’s Day shopping? Have you no great ideas for a gift? We all know the way to a woman’s or man’s heart is through his/her stomach (our moms told us that). Try these sexy and aphrodisiac filled food that you can gift your lover.



Macarons are light, almond cookies with a velvety filling and boy are they sexy. As the New York Times would say it “A macaron teases. Dainty, nearly weightless, it leaves you hungrier than you were before. It is but a prelude to other pleasures.” Buy some macarons and put them in an adorable box topped with a ribbon. Nothing says sexy like dessert in a box.



Apparently, Cleopatra’s favourite food was figs. She enjoyed sharing this delectable ripe fruit with her lover, Julius Caesar. They have long been erotic fruits and this Valentine’s Day cash in on this seductive fruit.



Nuts have been aphrodisiacs since time immemorial. Supposedly, Alexander the Great had almond soup every night before he went to meet his mistress. Well, soup might not be the sexiest dish, but a box of high end almonds would be a perfect gift to woo your love.



Dark Chocolate is the best aphrodisiac but any chocolate will do actually. You can never go wrong with chocolates. A box of his or her favourite chocolates and you are perfect in your moment.



Nothing says ‘I love spending time with you and celebrating each moment with you’ like champagne. It makes even the simplest meal an extravagant celebration.