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6 Bizarre Restaurants around the world that will give you the heebie-jeebies


These restaurants just take the cake. You won’t believe us but you’ve got to try.

I hope you’re brave enough for this. I truly hope you can go to these restaurants one day and not run out screaming. 

1. L-ood is served.


Poop shaped ice-cream, mock toilet bowls to sit on, entrees in bath tubs and soups in miniature toilet bowls. Screaming yet? There’s a crowd at this restaurant and copy-cats are coming up all over the world. Talk about Eureka! 

2. Food on the go


A couple from China decided to buy this coach and well, they didn’t know what else to do with it, and Voila, a restaurant was born. Yes, in coach dining. 

3. Robo-s take over the food


The Robot restaurant in China is “manned” by robots completely. They wait, they greet and they even make Momos. And the best part is, they won’t ask for a hike in pay! 

4. Condom-ised to fit you


The Condom Cocktail restaurant in Bangkok has waiters walking around in Head bubble sized condoms. Talk about food-vocating safe sex. 

5. Just what the doctor ordered


The Pleasure Ward in Taiwan serves beer through an intravenous drip and drinks through syringes. The waitresses are dressed like nurses in mini skirts. Admit me already! 

6. Oh, Man!


A waiter in Tokyo filled in for his colleague who quit. She was a waitress. He dressed up in her clothes. I see an idea there..This restaurant has men dressed as waitresses. Enough said.