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The 7 Meals Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Day


The rock-strong and boulder-solid Dwayne Johnson is known for his heavy diet and extra indulgent cheat days. And while we can only imagine what it must be like to supplement a heavy diet like that with a workout regime, The Rock is happily chowing down seven meals a days. Yep, seven. Here’s what a rock-ing diet he follows.Dwayne


Meal No. 1

10oz (~290g) cod

2 whole eggs

2 cups oatmeal


Meal No. 2

1 cup vegetables

8oz (~230g) cod

12oz sweet potato


Meal No. 3

2 cups white rice

8oz (~230g) chicken

1 cup vegetables


Meal No. 4

8oz (~230g) cod

2 cups rice

1 tbsp fish oil

1 cup vegetables


Meal No. 5

8oz (~230g) steak

12oz (~340g) baked potato

Spinach Salad


Meal No. 6

10oz (~290g) cod

2 cups rice



Meal No. 7

30g casein protein

10 egg-white omelet

1 cup chopped onions, peppers & mushrooms

1 tbsp omega-3 fish oil


These seven meals are punctuated by workout sessions and health supplements like Optimum’s Amino Energy, Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydrowhey and Gatorade.the-rock


Source: Muscle & Fitness

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