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8 Easy Cocktail Recipes for your next party!


I’m sure you would agree that no house party is complete without some crowd-pleasing cocktails. Here are 8 cocktails, some of which are simple, some sophisticated and the others simply classic and refreshing. Cheers!


1. Indian Spiced Rum Cocktail

I thought we should start the list with a perfect cocktail named after our land of flavours. Watch the video to enjoy ‘The Gurkha Geurrilla’ which is perfect for pairing with spicy and robust Indian cuisine. Now go ahead and shake one (or more) to loosen up before you tune in your favourite music and head out to the living room for that dance with friends.



2. Whiskey Slush

Pour this beauty, which is a mixture of frozen lemonade with black tea and whiskey with sugar, into glasses and garnish with a slice of lemon and relish with a splash of ginger ale. Watch the video and you will agree that it’s the perfect cocktail for celebrating with friends and family.



3. Wet Pussy Cocktail Drink Recipe

Make it in a large pitcher for your parties as it can help avoid you calling out the name too often, or maybe it’s time to learn to keep a straight face when your friends request you to make this concoction.



4. Scarlet Kiss

Here’s a cheeky little drink that’s so luscious and seductive with the texture super smooth and beautiful. Do not forget to garnish this refreshing raspberry and strawberry-flavored cocktail with an orange twist. Take it to your lips for that perfect Scarlet Kiss!



5. Hot Buttered Rum

Watch how to make a rich batter for hot buttered rum cocktails if you are getting ready to host a party at home! This buttery batter consists of ice cream, sugar and spices. Add the rum that your taste buds revel in the most, maybe a little boiling water to your liking and be ready to feel good about making those subtle differences and playing with the amounts of rum and water.



6. Mint Juleps

This video will demonstrate on how to make the original mint juleps. You’ll see how to prepare, mound, crush and make the delicious and simple concoction that is so refreshing any time of year. Garnish the drink with fresh mint leaves and pop that straw in to drink through.



7. Irish Cream

This video will show you the birth of a cocktail that is a modest mixture of Irish whiskey, cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, instant coffee granules, almond extract and chocolate syrup. Give it a quick spin in the mixer and you’re done and dusted! The extra time allows the flavors to marry each other nicely. Enjoy it with hot coffee or make it cold with some ice cubes.



8. Jelly Bean Martini

Did you ever want to drink your candy? Here’s a drink that you might want to make and have a pitcher full even before your guests get home for that grand party you are throwing. Jelly beans to flavor the vodka with some orange liqueur and creme de cacao, are you drooling and searching for that play button already?