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8 YouTube chefs you should be following if you enjoy cooking with a little twist


Becoming a famed chef was to have your own show on television. But thank YouTube for bringing you closer to Chefs like you and me who dabble in their own kitchen with recipes that everyone wants to try. For us, mere mortal chefs at home, getting recipes was once about actually having someone write it down or explain it to you before the internet came along and made it easier for everyone to share them. Now one doesn’t simply share a recipe; they make a video and many more to show you how they do it. From complicated to simplified, these YouTube chefs are ones you should be following if you are also a self taught chef!

1. Great Depression Cooking

It’s not about cooking when you’re depressed! Clara, a 98 year old chef whips up meals that she ate as a child in the Great Depression Era. She shares personal stories of the great depression era as she cooks. She passed away in November 2013 but her recipes and stories remain to be shared.  

2. My Drunk Kitchen

Everybody does silly stuff when they are drunk. Cooking whilst drunk was not as good as video logging the recipes she chose to make while drunk. Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen has video recipes that take the complicated out of the recipe and makes it simple and fun.

3. Epic Meal Time

A bunch of guys doing what they do best do – being guys! They don’t exactly always cook-as a cooking show goes-but they take fast food and create monstrous meals from them. Nowhere in the ball park of healthy but a couch potato (video reference) like that and you’ll want to watch what they do next.

4. Food Wishes

Chef John keeps his food videos short and informative. Simplifying recipes and quick cooking with funny puns and everyone loves good humour. His videos have more of food than people in the videos.

5. How to Cook That

Ann Reardon shows you how to make custom cakes like the Instagram cake, the iPad cake, etc. The videos are slightly long but you get to see how custom cakes are really made.

6. You Deserve a Drink

Not really a cooking channel but drinks are a major part of any meal, at least it’s good to know how to whip up a cool drink to impress. Mamrie Hart shows you how to whip up some because ‘you deserve a drink’. Her terrible puns may or may not have you cracking up with laughter but the drink recipes are good to try.

7. One Pot Chef Show

The One Pot Chef Show has videos on cooking and baking that are quick, easy, cheap and simple recipes for everyday cooking. All of his videos are shorter than 5 minutes making it quite an easy watch.

8. Vahchef

Of course, it is Indian cuisine but there are some good international cuisines that are covered too. He has a quirky take on the food he whips up and encourages you to experiment with the recipes too.