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9 weird food based pet names we call each other


1. Baby cakes

No layers but still the sweetest cake.

baby eating cake

2. Sweet cheeks

How much sugar did you eat to be called sweet cheeks?

sweet cheeks

3. Cocoa puff

Cocoa puffs are sweet and awesome.

 You’re sweet and awesome.

But wait, doesn’t cocoa puff give you diabetes? Oh, no.

cocoa puff

4. Sugar lips 

So, now your lips are as sweet as sugar?

It’s a new lip-gloss, isn’t it?

sugr lips

5. Peach bottom 

It makes perfect sense. A bottom IS shaped like a peach. Not so good for the reputation of the peach though.

peach bottom

6. Picklepoo 

If it is for a baby, then it is acceptable. But if you’re being called this past your teens, you’ve got to get yourself checked. Medically

pickle poo

7. Cutie pie 

I’ve always thought of pies as ‘cute’. Not pretty or delicious, but cute. So yes, cutie pie it is.

cutie pie

8. Snuggle muffin 

A cuddly muffin? You took the words right out of my mouth.

snuggle muffin

9. Cookie pops

Are you a tough cookie? Then you better not pop.

cooki pop