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#ADayWithoutImmigrants Was A Social Movement That Took America By Storm


Following Donald Trump’s travel ban and all the laws that he’s passed regarding immigrants, Americans are getting up in arms to show him that they’re not okay with these decisions and they don’t support his administration. But now restaurateurs, chefs, and their staff started a movement called “A Day Without Immigrants” to showcase just how dependent the American public is on the immigrant-based workforce.

This movement started on Thursday in Washington DC, but has since spread to other parts of America. The movement includes support from celebrity chefs like Jose Andres, Rick Bayless, Eric and Bruce Bromberg.

Chefs are either closing their restaurants in support of the cause, or they are keeping them opening, but will not be fully staffed. People all over the US are coming out to support this cause. Andres, who is currently in a lawsuit with Trump over a restaurant lease told Wbtv, “I am an immigrant myself and a Hispanic Mexican myself[…]We have people that are part of the DNA. They are working on golf courses – maybe owned by Mr. Trump himself – in restaurants, in farms.”

Restaurants are aware of the loss that they will make for the day, but they believe that the impact of the movement is much more important than the cash. Wbtv also reported that “Immigrants accounted for 7.1 million of U.S. restaurant workers in 2015, compared to 5.1 million who were born in the country.”

This is absolutely a movement that we can get behind.