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Apparently The Hangover-Free Beer Isn’t Real! Read On To Find Out Why


To celebrate the weekend, people tend to go a little wild. And nobody really enjoys the hangover that follows. Finding the perfect cure to the most annoying hangover seems to be something that people are always working towards. So, when a Dutch brewer announced that he’d created the perfect ‘hangover-free beer’, everybody got very excited.

However, there is a catch. Thomas Gesink of Amsterdam’s De Prael Brewery told the Metro that “he’s cracked the code for brewing beer which gets people drunk but doesn’t leave them cowering in a dark corner the next morning”. So while it’s not exactly hangover-free beer, he’s managed to find a way to help reduce the hangover that would make you stumble around in the morning.

Gesink is keeping the recipe a secret, but he has revealed the ingredients to Metro – sea salt (which prevents dehydration), ginger (commonly used to treat nausea), willow fibers (said to have a “cleansing effect”), and vitamin B12. He even told the Metro that while the recipe isn’t fool-proof, “four or five beers will leave you feeling fresh in the morning”. Of course, like an alcoholic beverage, if you drink more than necessary, you’re still going to feel awful.

Dr. Joris Verster at Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Netherlands and the head of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group calls it a ‘marketing trick’ and adds, “There is no scientific evidence that any of the ingredients prevents or reduces alcohol hangover. The only beer that successfully prevents hangovers is already available in all stores: alcohol-free beer.”

And if all else fails, you can always try out Anthony Bourdain’s recipe to cure a hangover: “Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food — works every time.”