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Astronauts at the International Space Station finally receive groceries


Know what it’s like to be stranded on a space station with no mustard?

On January 12th, astronauts at SpaceX received their Christmas goodies and not-so-regular supply of groceries. The Dragon, the company supply vehicle handed over the supplies which were gladly received by a robotic arm.Yes, robotic arm. Feeling all Interstellar, are we?

The last supply ship met with an unhappy explosion and the one before that was quite delayed. The condiment-starved astronauts are a mix of Russians, Americans and an Italian. 


“We’re excited to have it on board,” said Butch Wilmore, the American astronaut.

We offer our deep sympathy to the astronauts who had to stay there without ketchup. Russia and Japan have offered to send in the next list of supplies with some much-needed snacks. Munch!

I mean, what’s space without ketchup! How did they eat their fries?