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Attention, people on a diet! We’re judging you. It happens


1. Have you ever observed people on a diet? They pick their meat with their little pitchforks. Oh, I’m sorry sweetheart, but are you trying to eat air?

hardly eating food

2. If you’re a foodie and your partner is on diet, you’re definitely going to be the one finishing up the leftovers of her plate.

thin lady

3. ‘Salad for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Too full to eat anything at night.’ Sounds familiar?


4. They shun away from alcohol and quotes, ‘Alcohol is injurious to health. Continuous consumption of liquor makes people fat’.

Drink diet soda because it has the word ‘diet’ in it.

diet coke works?

5. Very conscious of their carb intake. But will drool pitifully while looking at chocolate cake.

drool mat

6. Good looking? Oh, yeah.

Got swag? Oh, yeah.

Living on salads? Oh, no!

super salad girl

7. They don’t want fries but will eye it like lost puppies.

cute looking dog

8. They faint at the sight of pizza.