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The Swiggy App Suffered A Technical Glitch And So Did My Lunch


One of the perks of working from home is that I get to order pretty much whatever I feel like eating and Swiggy certainly helps to facilitate that. You can imagine my chagrin when upon opening the app I was greeted by the message – delivery executives busy – for all the restaurants.

I assumed that this was a temporary thing which would be sorted within the hour, so I got back to work, dreaming of the bacon sandwich awaiting me. Unfortunately, when I finally did check back, it was confirmed, Swiggy was broken.

I still wasn’t sure if it was official, so I prepared my inner Sherlock to investigate. One short google search later I came across this tweet by their official handle.

Unfortunately, it was now official, bacon would have to wait. Hopefully, for not too long, because Swiggy says their best minds are on it and I trust them. We can only hope and pray that this isn’t another Zomato type hack and that our beloved app will come back to us shortly (perhaps by high tea).

Update: They did fix the app, and before high tea, I knew I could trust you Swiggy!

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