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Turns Out Coconut Oil Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


There have been numerous diet fads that have come and gone in the last year. Kourtney Kardashian even claimed ghee was one of her diet hacks (come on woman). However, it seemed to be pretty much universally accepted that coconut oil was magical and less fattening, but it turns out that may not be the case.

BBC reported that according to US heart experts. Coconut oil is packed with saturated fat which can raise “bad” cholesterol, says the American Heart Association in updated advice. It is commonly said that coconut oil contains healthy fat – the likes of which we see in, say, nuts.

However, the fat is just as unhealthy as animal fat. In fact, it contains a higher percentage of saturated fat at 83% than butter which contains only 63%. Not the best, especially for us here in the south (and my roommate, who swears by it, oops).

So, it may be time to swap out the coconut oil for healthier options. Perhaps try grilling, baking or poaching instead. If you’re really fancy you can even sous vide (thanks, Masterchef!).

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