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Bombay Lassi Gives You The Best Of Street Food, Right Here In Chennai


Everyone enjoys a little bit of street food once in a while, and you’ve got to admit, the pleasure that comes with binging in a little traditional treat right off the streets gives us more nostalgia than anything else. India’s streets have delightful bites to offer, carrying on recipes from the past, the ones that spark nostalgia from your childhood, and tons of other snacks you’ve enjoyed eating growing up. Every city comes with its own share of traditional street food, and if you asked one to name a favourite or a most popular item, they would’nt be able to because that’s how wide the range is. Tourists visiting the country are also very fond of the street food here, and we hear many say it’s different and tastes like no other. 


Street food in Chennai is also quite the same. A wide array of dishes both traditional from the roots of the city, and curated from the other cities of the country, make up the street food menus in the city. Bombay Lassi is one such place in the city that has a little bit of sweet and savoury to offer, and is everyone’s favourite street food spot to visit. The joint has grown to become popular over the years with every local in the city knowing its name, and tons making a visit just to get a taste of what it’s all about. Bombay Lassi has a very small menu but offers you enough to leave you satisfied for snack time. If you haven’t visited this place yet, you should consider it, especially when you’re craving something a little savoury and sweet at the same time. 


Popular indian, asian and african deep fried snack called samosa with spicy chutney and mint jalebi


The Samosas are one of their most popular items. Anyone walking by the joint can see hundreds of samosas being fried in a huge wok of oil and what’s more, pre-made samosas waiting to be fried, piled up beside the wok. They’re so flavourful and delicious and the little sauces they come with are not to be missed. Jalebis are also a treat here, and several people head over here just for those sweet jalebis that are crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They’re made fresh and are so great for your evening tea, if you like pairing it with something as sweet. Kachoris are also a real treat here and many often buy bag fulls of them to share with the group. Now, let’s not forget, the lassi. The reason why the place was named. Lassi is everyone’s favourite refresher and no doubt you will feel a little better with some of their popular lassis!