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Butter Chicken Chef Runs 30 Kilometres, Inspiring Mumbai To ‘Run To Eat’


Saransh Goila is famous not only as Sadak Chef or for his amazing Goila Butter Chicken that is soon to cross borders and delight Australia but also for his fitness regime. For those who don’t know, Goila ran a whopping 30 kilometres on 30th December and set a new record for himself in turn inspiring those who follow him, to run and eat.

Chow Down And Run

Goila has come a long way and faced many obstacles and rejections in his career but now he has risen and is delighting Mumbai with his sumptuous Butter Chicken. Even George Calombaris is impressed by the dish and is flying to Melbourne with the Sadak Chef where a pop up of Goila Butter Chicken will be organised at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Goila made a 100 kilograms of Butter Chicken for New Year’s Eve.

Amongst his other records is of course the tiring yet exhilarating 30 kilometre run from Andheri to NCPA. But he’s not stopping just there for his New Year resolution is to run a full marathon of 42 kilometres in the Mumbai Marathon. We’re sure Goila will accomplish this as well like his 30 kilometre run and that Mumbai will get somewhat fitter with his ‘Run To Eat’ message.

Image Source: Goila Butter Chicken