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Watch This Carl’s Jr. Commercial Featuring Todd Gurley & A Doublecheese Burger Double


The Internet is a funny place. Just last week we were rooting for Lil Dicky and a Carl’s Jr. burger’s intense love affair, while this week the burger house is being questioned and bathed in scorn for its rather shady CGI.

The ad features NFL star Todd Gurley being all macho and dope as he makes way into California. To commemorate his shift to the LA Rams, the American Football player bites into this mean California Classic Doublecheese Burger. Because that’s what athletes do, right? Wrong. And the commercial just goes ahead and proves it with the obviously fake burger!

I mean we get it, getting a super healthy NFL dude to bite into a cheesy burger packed with a meat patty is difficult, but does that mean resorting to visual effects that are straight up sad? My imagination as a kid had better visual effects Carl’s Jr.!


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