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Catch Great Sufi Rock at Hard Rock Cafe!


Itney arse ke baad

 Yes it has been ages. Ages since we last did the good old rock and beer routine. We’ve been lost in the jumps and beats of EDM and house. For those of you who want to take a break from the humdrum, head to Hard Rock Café on January 8th for the blissful combination of rock music, beer or some cocktails which we guarantee will be among the best you’ve ever had. Your music for the night is going to be beautifully rendered by none other than Kashmiri rock band Parvaaz. Headed by lead guitarist and singer Kashif Iqbal this Sufi rock band is on the way to achieving greater and greater heights. Their soulful singing with pristine guitar playing is to be watched, enjoyed and appreciated. Once the notes reach your ears, you’re in love and you’re going to keep coming back for more. And the fact that they are playing at Hard Rock Café is just the icing on the cake. Hard rock has literally the best burgers in town. And their stoned wall interiors with the open air ambience enhances your musical experience. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a beer craving coming on!