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Creative Boosts by Drinking Beer? Hell, Yeah!


Ever had a bout of writer’s block? Or a dissertation that just isn’t going anywhere? We have all had our moments, and some of us turned to chocolate while others got their caffeine fix. What if beer was the solution to our problems? Professor Jennifer Wiley, a University of Illinois professor has done a study to determine that small quantities of alcohol can get our creative juices flowing. Based on this our dear friends CP+B Copenhagen and Rocket Brewing got together to create a beer.


The end result is “The Problem Solver”, beer which offers a “refined bitterness with a refreshing twist”, according to its makers. The bottle also comes equipped with a scale which tells you your optimum amount of beer to consume based on your body weight. However, it also comes with an apt warning for beer guzzlers, “Enjoying the right amount will enhance your creative thinking. Drinking more will probably do exactly the opposite.”  Pay heed, else instead of the next Lolita you might just end up waking up the next morning with an aching head.


Probably a marketing gimmick but next time you are in the city of Copenhagen try the “Problem Solver” and bring some back for us, Will you?