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Double Down At Hard Rock Cafe For Two Times The Cheers & Beers


Haven’t met a loved one in a long and need a reason to catch up? Or emptied your wallet on Valentine’s Day?Well, Hard Rock Cafe has got your back! Extending the day of love to the entire month, Hard Rock Cafe is going all out this February to ensure you take some time out for your MAIN and catch up with them. The best part, is that you can treat them without even having to pay for them!

Be it a parent, a sibling, a colleague, a mentor, a buddy or your partner… head to the legendary live music destination as a duo and gobble to your heart’s content as they indulge at Hard Rock’s expense. Be it the scrumptious burgers, lip-smacking wings, and appetizers, tantalizing pasta or those heady concoctions, Hard Rock will double your order like no one has done before.

So laugh, chatter and enjoy the date as you dart back with memories galore and pockets yet full. Also, lone diners will be given next – meal – free vouchers as Hard Rock Cafe LOVES ALL, SERVES ALL!

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru

Date: 21st February- 6th March 2018

Time: 12pm – 1am

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