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Eating competitions and cooking contests at Sanskruthi’18


Attention Chennai foodies! One of India’s biggest cultural fest is here and guess what one of their main events is – Food war!


Yep, there will be an eating competition where people with the biggest appetites in the city will be participating. With an unlimited variety of some finger licking good food placed right before the contestants, all they have to do is gorge on till their tummies are full and even more if they want to emerge as the winner. The registrations were closed last week but don’t be disappointed , Sanskruthi assures to provide an unforgettable experience for all contestants, their enthusiasts, and visitors as well.


Apart from an eating competition, Sanskruthi is also organizing a Cooking competition, Chef’s hat. Sanskruthi invites those who love to cook pouring in their heart and soul. Don the Chef’s hat and use some daily ingredients in experimenting something magically flavourful.

Sanskruthi will be a visual delight brought to you by the finest sponsors in the country seasoned with elite celebrities and star cast – an ultimate pinnacle of entertainment. Free yourself from the stress your routine world for a short while and rediscover yourself through your talents.The event is being held on the 8th of April at the Radha Regent Hotel, Chennai.