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Eggsplosion Is The New Food Trend Taking The Internet By Storm


Eggs are the best options for breakfast especially the sunny side up which when pricked, shiny golden yolk oozes out. A Japanese trend called Eggsplosion takes this concept to a whole new level and the internet is going crazy over it. Its nothing but a perfectly cooked poached egg placed on rice and a prick causes a little burst or explosion.

The trend began with a restaurant in Japan called Kuma No Yakitori that serves Tamago Gohan. In this dish the egg yolks sit on a bed of rice and after pricking the yolk the liquid comes out and is then mixed with the rice, ready to be relished. A special technique is used in making these perfect, a tad larger than the original, yolks.

The trend of Tamago Gohan has picked up and people have been sharing their own versions of Eggsplosion. Some have even tried to re-create Tamago Gohan, see below.

Check out some more eggsplosions below:-

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