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Food Delivery By Drones In Lucknow Is On The Agenda Of Online Kaka


Lucknow is swarmed with traffic making it difficult to food delivery services like Online Kaka to make sure the food reaches on time. The solution thought about them is creative and if they get the government’s nod it might be the first home delivery service in North India to begin delivering food through drones.

The social media manager of Online Kaka, Vivek Kumar told NDTV, “The traffic conditions in Lucknow right now are very poor. By using drones, we want to reduce the delivery time to 1/3rd of the current time, which is 45 minutes. It will also help us fight pollution caused by two wheelers.”

The company which came into function in 2016, was started by Ahad Arshad and Mohd Bilal. From the past year they have been working on the drone delivery project and are now waiting for an approval to come in. Kumar adds, “We have sent a letter to the DM of Lucknow asking for permission to let us to use drone for delivering food. The civil aviation ministry is also waiting for a nod from the Government of India.”

They in fact have made a video for all the world to see on how the drone delivery system would work on their Facebook page. Talking about the video Kumar said, “The drone video was shot on June 30 at Mahanagar, Lucknow. The test run was done using a box which had eatables. The company is working on increasing the lifting capacity of drones.”

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