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Foodily Gets a Fresh Lease of Life


In a somewhat unusual move, IAC owned has announced that it has acquired California based recipe network Foodily. Why’s it unusual? At first glance, Foodily and appear to have nothing in common; while one focuses on highlighting and sharing recipes between bloggers, the other is a global social network that seeks to answer question and facilitate conversations between millions of internet users. 

However, will benefit positively from the purchase as it will use Foodily’s team to improve their product, engineering and design. The Foodily team would be apt to handle this revamp as the Foodily site, which won a Webby award, has long been lauded for its design and user-friendliness.

Meanwhile, Foodily will also benefit this acquisition as it has been looking for a exit strategy after competitor Pinterest, which offers a similar service surged in popularity over the past few years. However, Foodily will not be shut down; instead another team will take over handling the website and the app. Users of Foodily have been asked to log on to the site and confirm their account details to ensure that their favourite recipes will be saved as the transition takes place.

Perhaps this new relationship will be mutually beneficial; new sets of eyes for both Foodily and may very well be the push that will elevate both platforms on the global scale.