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Here’s What Happened When Gordon Ramsay Tried To Cook A Vegan Meal


Not too long ago, chef Gordon Ramsay announced that he was going to “give this vegan thing a try”. Now, given all the times we’ve seen the Masterchef host devour meat this came as a surprise. However, after a recent video shared by Ramsay, we can say with confidence that he’s still not completely down with the meat-less way of living. Here’s how we know.

To commemorate the latest MasterChef season as wells as getting a billion views on his YouTube channel, the chef invited actress Madelaine Petsch, a.k.a. the feisty Cheryl Blossom from the popular show Riverdale on the sets of MasterChef. As pointed out by the duo, the two – that is, Chef Ramsay and Cheryl – are similar to each other in the way they are on-screen, that is, brutal, nasty, and absolutely ruthless in everything they speak and do. That said, there is one thing Petsch and Ramsay might never agree on – food.

The Riverdale star, who was invited to go head-to-head in a mystery box challenge with the chef, revealed that she was vegan. Much to Ramsay’s sheer dismay and visible disgust. The vegan streak continued through the challenge as the mystery box came with all vegan ingredients that included the likes of tofu and kelp noodle – or as Ramsay called them, his “grandma’s loofa” and his “grandad’s armpit”, respectively.

Ramsay tried every crooked trick to soil the challenge. Right from burning Petsch’s recipe to having his meal cooked beforehand and only plating it a few seconds before time ran out. But did it help him win the challenge? Watch the video below to find out!

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