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Chennai’s Community Fridge Initiative Is Helping To Reduce Food Wastage In The City


Wastage of food is one of the major issues in most of the Indian cities. While one part of the city don’t know what to with all the food, the other part of the city goes to bed with an empty stomach. What do you do with all the food that is being wasted? And that’s how Ayyamittu Unn came to life.

It was launched in Chennai’s Besant Nagar by Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine, a 24-year-old Orthodontist, with the help of The Public Foundation. Speaking to Indian Express about why she felt there was a need to implement such an initiative she stated that she used to give leftover food in her house to a lady who used to sit outside her home. “I soon realised there must be others like her who would be benefited by the food. I often wanted to donate to others but shied away from asking, thinking it might embarrass them. Many might be needy, but they would not require food”, she added. Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine’s just wanted to make sure that all these food that is fit for consumption are not just thrown away, but given to those who really need it.

If you want to share your leftover food, you can pack it and make sure that you mention the expiration date, and leave it in the fridge. The security guard will make sure that no food is left without mentioning the expiry date and that it’s not spoilt.  Also, there is a cupboard next to the fridge, where you can leave the clothes or things that might be useful to others.

The next time you have food left from a party or a function, instead of throwing it all away, you can just pack it well and leave it for someone who could use it.