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How To Raise A Toast Around The World From Grab A Beer


It makes sense that if dining etiquettes change around the world, so would toasting etiquettes. For instance, in some countries it’s considered impolite to clink glasses before drinking! In others, the last one to have their glass filled is the chosen person to buy the next round of drinks!

However, you shouldn’t let drinking etiquette scare you away from ordering a mug of beer in a foreign country. Instead, watch this fun video a couple of times and mug up (pun intended) the different ways of toasting.

Just a little background; the video was put together by the good folks at Let’s Grab a Beer. Let’s Grab a Beer is a community that has come together to celebrate all things beer, from its history to its various brews to beer pairing to the correct way to drink it. In short, they know what they’re talking about. So, without further ado, watch the video and raise a glass! Or don’t – it all depends where you are.