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Ice Breakers Just Released A Glitter Gum


It’s 2018 and the unicorn trend doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Ice Breakers, everyone’s favorite mint, has jumped on the unicorn bandwagon with a glitter gum that almost certainly looks better than it tastes (that is the rule of unicorn food after all.

The press release announcing Glitter Gum’s introduction, reads, “A trendsetter in the gum and mints category, Ice Breakers is tapping into the glitter sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Experts have declared 2018 ‘the year of glitter’ when it comes to new food products.”

The small white cubes really do shimmer and shine, and they even leave little sparkly flecks on your hand after you throw them in your mouth. To achieve this effect, the candy company used edible glitter. Not only is the gum glittery, it also has a flavor that’s much more unique than just mint. Glitter Gum comes in Summer Snow Cone “an icy, cherry snow cone flavor.”

While glitter can certainly make things look a whole lot prettier we can all attest to the fact that it’s pretty annoying and gimmicky as well. What do you think? Is glitter the new face of unicorn food?

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