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Gastronomically Adventurous? Meet The Ice Cream Ramen


If you are naturally inclined to try new food mash-ups, and you have a sweet tooth, this dessert trend is going to blow your mind. Meet ice cream ramen, yes you read that right! Like most food trends it sounds questionable, but ramen is so popular that people might take it any way they can get it. Double down and make the dish look Instagram-worthy and suddenly you have foodies lined up for blocks.

Ice Cream Ramen: What, Why, and How?

Thanks to New York City, West Village’s Dessert Kitchen, this combination of ice cream and ramen has taken NYC by storm. Candice Auyeung, the owner of The Dessert Kitchen, said that the concept was born over a decade ago.

It starts with agar, which is extracted from seaweed; the ingredient is what gives these noodles their clear color and substantial texture. Add water and sugar and that’s all you need to create the base of the dish.

The kanten is then hand cut like pasta to give it the distinctive noodle shape. Think of it as a more malleable form of Jell-o. Served over shaved ice, fruit, and with condensed milk, these cold noodles are the latest food trend, for your palette and for your instagram newsfeed!

Check out how it’s made here.