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12 Delicious Food Mash Ups That We Absolutely Dig!


Since the days of Glee (okay, maybe a little before that), music mash ups have been all the range. Food mash ups and hybrids are similarly popular; after all combining to delicious foods together just results in more deliciousness right? In the immortal words of Joey Tribianni, while he was eating Rachel’s trifle; “what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, gooooood.” 

While we can’t really vouch for the hybrid that was Rachel’s trifle (we still respect you, Joey!), here are some food hybrids that we’re in love with.

1) Brownie + Cookie = Brookie 


The chocolaty moist brownie and the sweet, crumbly cookie? Yes please!

2) Cheesecake  Crème Brulee


It’s cheesecake, with a bruleed twist. 

3) Cheeseburger + Pizza

Pizza Hut arranged for a happy marriage between our favourite fast foods

4) Biryani + Pizza = Birizza







Italians and Indians get along. This is further proof.

5) Bacon + Beer = Bacon beer


It’s meat and beer. Need we say more? 

6) Pizza Muffins


Who said you can’t have pizza for dessert? 

7) Doughnut Macarons


Eat them by the fistful!

8) Waffle Taco


Have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

9) Ice cream cake 


Let them eat ice cream cake! 

10) Mac and Cheese + Pancakes 


We see these replacing your three cheese omelette for breakfast very soon. 

11) Cronut


The croissant and the doughnut are in a relationship, and we hope it lasts forever. 

12) Oreo + S’more = S’moreos


Can we have s’more?